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Rocket Docs - Manager – Director Software Engineering

Date Posted: 2/6/2018


You feel certain that someday you will serve as a CTO. But in your heart of hearts, you will always
remain a coder and a die-hard technology geek, even after you get that VP and C-suite title.
Whether artificial intelligence (AI), the block chain, non-SQL databases, or some new front-end
framework, everything in the coding world interests you. You research, self-teach and code all
the time. Loved-ones worry that you’ve turned into a workaholic. You just can’t help yourself.

When peers review your code, they comment on its elegance and robustness. Where does this
come from? Easy answer. You obsess. You hate sloppy work. And to go along with your
obsessive tendency, mother nature gave you an unfair helping of raw intellectual horsepower.
Yep, you’ve got a big fat brain, but you keep that to yourself because you actually understand the
value of humility.

If none of this sounds like you, stop here. We don’t care how good you can manage a tech team
if you still don’t love to create product yourself.

Despite your geek tendencies, you can’t suppress two things you know about yourself. First,
you’ve got an urge to lead. You like to teach and coach small teams of 3-5 people to get shit
done. Not only do you like to lead, but you do it well.

Second, you like beautiful software. And by “beautiful” you know that means complimenting
robust functionality with an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing UI. In fact, a UX Designer plays
an integral part in your agile process.

If everything we wrote so far sounds like you, we’ve got a pleasant surprise in the next

We really want to make you our VP of Engineering and CTO even though we lured you in with
the “Manager – Director” title. Think of this as a reverse bait and switch. What gives?
At a previous startup, our CEO hired an engineering leader who we’ll refer to as “Pat” for our
purposes here. Pat came with all the traits we listed above: coding prodigy, obsessive, smart,
leader, etc. As part of the hiring process, our CEO made the following promise to Pat: “we’ll hire
you as a VP and you’ll earn a promotion to CTO in 12 – 18 months or you’ll get fired.” Pat didn’t
disappoint, earning the CTO title just before the one year mark; Pat continues to flourish in that
CTO job as of this writing.

Why did we tell you the story of Pat? While we’ll gladly hire a “been-there-done-that” CTO, we
find the prospect of “catching a rising star” equally or even more appealing—we don’t know a
substitute for a smart, hard-working professional with something to prove.

Thanks for hanging with us this far. We’ll describe our company and the job below. But honestly,
if we don’t have you 80% hooked already, then we’ve likely got a fit problem.


Essential duties-responsibilities appear below. Other duties may get assigned. You will:
1. Report to the COO and serve on the RocketDocs leadership team.
2. Manage the tech team. Today your team consists of one full stack software
engineer; one UX-UI designer who codes 90% of the mark-up, CSS and java-script;
one business analyst - QA - deployment specialist; and one production support
specialist. Depending on how you define your day-to-day duties and your
assessment of the work load associated with our product ambitions, we may need
to hire one more software engineer.
3. Collaborate on product vision, strategy and priorities.
4. Lead the team to build product, acting in a player-coach role.
5. Continually maintain and secure the production environment.
6. Recruit, hire, coach, lead and when needed, upgrade technical staff.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential
duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below represent some of the knowledge,
skills and/or abilities required.

Education and/or Experience
We respect some educational degrees, but we respect output much more. The
aforementioned CTO, Pat, self-taught on Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and Objective-C
as well as SQL and non-SQL databases while experimenting and building product in
several different software frameworks. We’ll take a degreed software engineer, but we
care mostly about your history of fixing and building software products.

Reasoning Ability
Ability to define problems, research, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions as well
as interpret diverse input and distill down to something compelling, actionable and
utilitarian for our business customers.

Key Skills
We seek a full stack executive-in-the-making. We don’t expect someone whose skills
have a fully formed, but to compliment your tech skills, you need to communicate well,
problem-solve, work well with others, etc. We’ve listed some skills below, but we expect
that you’ll come to us with even a longer list of capabilities.
7. We code in a Microsoft stack. This may or may not make sense for future products,
and you’ll lead that decision process. But you’ll encounter all the usual suspects:
.NET framework, MS-SQL, MS Visual Studio, and C#.
8. UX – UI driven development.
9. Agile processes/habits.
10. Generating elegant code.
11. Leading a small technical team to generate frequent and high-quality releases.
12. Transitioning SaaS products to AWS from other cloud hosting environments as well
as provisioning and maintaining SaaS products in AWS.
13. Prior experience with machine learning and related technologies, such as SciKit
Learn and TensorFlow as well as Python.


Please apply to the position at this link.

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