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Frederick Community College - Adjunct, Information Technology

Date Posted: 7/20/2017


The following are the functions essential to performing this job:

1. Develop and maintain a cooperative working relationship with all team members.
2. Acquire and sustain a collaborative relationship with key personnel of the Workforce Development program.
3. Identify and disseminate information regarding current educational methods and techniques.
4. Enrich programs by conducting research on workforce development.
5. Initiate or proofread documents for teaching activities.
6. Maintain appropriate program records and associated retrieval systems.
7. Provide technical expertise and offer recommendations for improvement.
8. Assist the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating educational and training programs.
9. Participate in meetings as a member of the Workforce Development team.
10. Adhere to all FERPA requirements as well as all FCC policies and procedures.
11. Perform other duties relevant to the mission of the Workforce Development program.


1. Bachelor’s Degree or four years of additional related experience
2. 5 years of experience in related field

Desired Qaulifications:

1. Demonstrated subject matter expertise in desired area
2. Two year teaching experience with adult learners
3. Excellent oral and written communication skills
4. Strong customer service skills
5. Knowledge of PeopleSoft and Blackboard learning management systems
6. Experience in a higher educational environment
7. Exposure to current educational practices for student learning
8. Ability to learn and remain current about Workforce Development
9. Ability to work independently in a fast-paced atmosphere
10. Ability to use varying styles, approaches, skills, and techniques that reflect an understanding and acceptance of the role of culture in a diverse, multi-cultural workplace


All applications and required documents must be submitted online. Mail, e-mail, or fax submissions will not be accepted. By completing this application, you are putting your name into consideration to be hired as a Frederick Community College adjunct faculty member. See the full job description here.

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