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Techs-On-Loan Program


Project #1 - Powerpoint
Tourism Council of Frederick County

Need/Ask: GRSi and Swift Systems (members of Tech Frederick) are researching  how to cost-effectively improve the visibility of current event content through the use of LED or similar display panels or tablets, which would be permanently or semi-permanently installed in hotels and key tourist areas (downtown storefronts, etc.) versus providing paper copies of the same document.

Tasks:  1) Research possible hardware and software solutions to determine the requirements, efficacy, and costs. (completed)

2) Present findings back to Tourism Council and solicit feedback. (completed)

3) Build a survey for the local hotels and the Councils marketing board members to ascertain:

a) Willingness to install a (permanent or semi-permanent) device (or device combination) of any type to display this content

b) Availability of Internet Access

c)  Any input offered (questions are in for review with Tourism)

4)  Write up a solution analysis with our recommendations, a statement of viability (if that is determined to be the case), and budgetary forecasts based on:

a)  Our assessment of the best courses of action from step 1 (above), i.e. “The Solution” with deference to:


Project #2
Client: Community Foundation of Frederick County

Need/Ask: In late 2013, the Community Foundation of Frederick County had a requirement to  design, prepare, and implement a survey to evaluate services to support school readiness. Betsy Day, President of the Foundation, requested Fenestra Technologies to provide assistance.

Tasks: 1) Review the preliminary survey and suggest any changes to improve quality of the responses. (completed)

2) Design and implement the survey using a low cost tool. The tool selected is LimeSurvey, a free, open source survey system which is installed on an Amazon Web Services server supplied by Fenestra. (completed)

3) Execute the survey (in progress)

4) Assist in evaluation of the responses to the Survey (pending).